Making Moves

My job has been stressing me out more than usual. It seems that even when I am at home and off work, it is one of those files in my brain that never closes. It is never complete, it is never solved. Like a cold case file. I want to burn this file (figuratively).

I am updating my resume and beginning my search. I have seen many places hiring in my field with better pay and closer to home. I am qualified to do so much more than I am doing now, and deserve far more respect and consistency.

Enough of that, now happy news.

We had a walk through of our house we are renting and when my girlfriend asked if the owner would consider selling, I almost didn’t want to look up. Alli, our landlord, said that it was actually quite possible that the owner would want to sell. She told us to make an offer, like I have done this before, and she would speak with the owner. The owner of our rental house is an elderly lady with many properties. When Alli mentioned her age as “elderly”, she made a winced face almost as to say ‘she probably won’t be around much longer.’

My girlfriend and I made eye contact and she smiled. Her eyes were big and you could see the excitement flowing out. I smiled back at her but when I turned to the landlord, I opened my mouth to speak, and nothing came out. Thoughts were filling my head and I couldn’t pick any one thing to spit out. I continued to smile with my mouth open and Alli smiled and began a speech on lenders, offers, and then a foreign language I am supposed to know (real estate).

After speaking with our parents, we have decided to visit a bank and find out what loans and rates we are able to receive. This is a brand new journey and we have so many plans. It is exciting.


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