For some reason I never update my blog. Which I should. I mean, I am a writer, aren’t I? Regardless, this is how my life has been for the past two months or so.

I began searching for a new job with no hits. I had a few interviews with no call backs, so I decided to stick with what I am used to – animal care. I applied at an all cat clinic and KILLED the interview. I had the Practice Manager laughing, smiling, and impressed. I accepted the offer and wrote a heartfelt resignation letter to the management of my current clinic. I read it over and over, aloud and in my head, and once it was the perfect amount of fuck you, nostalgia, appreciation, professionalism, and emotion, I stared at the computer with my mouse hovering over the send button for a long time. When I finally hit send, I closed my computer in a sharp breath and cried to myself on the couch.

Though I know it is for the best, this is the end of an era. I experienced more stress, sadness, mental health issues, and lack of professional growth in the past three years at this job, than any other job before. I was invested and hard-working, but I was crushed and ignored by my coworkers and upper management. I had been set up to fail since I walked into it’s doors. This clinic is the thief of souls with the demons of limbo. And I am done with it, forever. And here is why:

1. No proper training in management of people in this industry. Animal care has an extremely high rate of suicide, and unfortunately, everyone in our clinic 3 years ago experienced the death of one of our own. Someone needs to be caring and compassionate to employees. This never happened. We were work horses with no use besides making this small business money.

2. NO CLEAR DEFINITION OF JOB TITLES NOR RESPONSIBILITIES. I was promoted to a manager, but then they hired a Practice Manager (fair) and she took responsibilities from me, like managing the front desk, training new hires, and being the client care representative I was, supposedly, a super star in. I was told that I was the “heart and soul of the clinic.” Well bitch, you fucking stole that from me. Enjoy living in New Jersey.

3. No teamwork! None! The back staff, though I love them so, sit at their desks and IGNORE the ringing phones. Knowing full well that I am alone up front. In a two doctor practice, and I have to get EVERY phone call. I have to greet EVERY client that walks in. I need to do front desk tasks, management tasks, and any other task that the back staff or management deems too low for their pay grade. All. Alone.

4. No communication or support from upper management. This one is a doozy. When I was having my exit interview, I had the floor to express every reason I wanted to leave. The doctor and owner of the practice sat me down, and wanted to hear what I had to say. I told her about the micro-managing, poor management skills, lack of training, lack of clear job titles and expectations, and lack of support when I was alone up front, for months, three times over the past three years. She explained that this was in the works to be addressed. It gave me a glimmer of hope. So I agreed to work part time, every other Saturday, with another receptionist up front with me.

Now let me tell you about fucking Saturday. Yes, yesterday.

On Friday night I received a call from the new manager of the front, which is one of the ladies that I hired and she walked out after a fall out with the Practice Manager, saying that the girl I was supposed to work with on Saturday walked out and quit. We joked about it for a while and then she let me know that she cannot come work because she is in overtime (fair), another girl is out of town, and our financial relations expert, who used to be a receptionist, was also in overtime. Our Practice Manager was supposed to come in and help.

Well, I got there at 8 AM, the front doors were locked and the lights were off. The clinic opens at 8 AM, just so you know. And the technician for the day was irritated with me, for being late. Um, fuck off, thanks. And then…no one else came in to help. NO ONE. So, the second I had a moment to sit and not answer phones, greet clients, check in rooms, make appointments, check clients out, be sweet and outgoing and caring . . . you get the picture, I sent an email to upper management about my issues working alone, on a Saturday (one of the busiest days of the week), and the fact that I would not come back to work there if it happened again. No response. I sent another email on behalf of the staff and it made the associate doctor working that day become an asshole, so,  I emailed upper management about that and . . . viola! Look who walks into the door no more than ten minutes later.

I asked the co-owner if he received the email I sent him, he said yes, and walked off. He never addressed the issue or offered any kind of assistance or explanation. It is now Sunday, they all have access to email, and I still have not received a response. So, I emailed this afternoon and said I will not be returning to the clinic.

I feel elated.



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